Kick a Goal: GOALympic (2023)

Kick a Goal: GOALympic (2023)

Other name: 골 때리는 그녀들 - 골림픽 골 때리는 그녀들 2023년 설날 골 때리는 그녀들 2023년 설날 특별한 Shooting Stars: New Year Special Gol Ttaelineun Geunyeodeul 2023 Seollal Teugbyeolhan


The Shooting Star's New Year Special match for Korea's biggest holiday is here for you. In the Goalympics, the players and the coaches split into teams and play various games. With Lee Soo Geun and Bae Sung Jae as hosts, as always, it is a special of an unprecedented scale with a total of 60 participants and ten teams! You will be able to not only enjoy the sports but also the fun moments of a variety show. Check out who is the fastest runner, the best kicker, and the strongest player!

Original Network: SBS;

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Variety;

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