Kam Lai Mas

Kam Lai Mas

Other name: Gum Lai Mat ; Bangle Gold ; กำไลมาศ


A story about resentment of Riewthong, daughter of the owner of a puppet performing group, against H.S.H. Princess Rumpa Tinnachart, daughter of the owner of Tinnachart Palace. It all began when H.S.H Prince Direk Supamas, engaged to Rumpa since childhood, fell in love with Riewthong. He ordered a custom-made golden bangle, 'Gum Lai Mat', inscribed with the name of Riewthong as his gift of love. He never thought that the golden banglewould bind their fates and bring them to meet each other again in the next life.

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama; Horror; Mystery; Romance;

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