Kaidanshita no Gogh (2022)

Kaidanshita no Gogh (2022)

Other name: 階段下のゴッホ Kaidanka no Gohho Gogh Under the Stairs


Kaburagi Miyako is a 30-year-old "career-oriented" woman working for a major cosmetics company with an annual salary of over 10 million yen. Miyako is suddenly inspired by a painting and aims to study at the Tokyo University of the Arts to fulfill her dream of becoming a painter. Miyako enrolls into an art prep school while balancing her work. There, she meets Taira Shintaro, a talented young man who keeps failing to get into an art college.

Original Network: TBS;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Miniseries;

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