Kahogona Wakadanna-sama no Amayakashi Kon (2024)

Kahogona Wakadanna-sama no Amayakashi Kon (2024)

Other name: 過保護な若旦那様の甘やかし婚 Spoiled Marriage of an Overprotective Young Husband


This story follows the sweet and “overprotective” newly-wed life between Someya Yukito, a young master of an established inn in Asakusa, and Tsuruoka Io, a pure-hearted female apprentice training to be a chef. Tsuruoka was in the depths of despair until she found solace in the sweet konpeito candy given to her by Someya. Since then, she has earnestly cherished her feelings while training as a chef. Yukito’s affectionate words and actions reserved only Tsuruoka, along with his excessively cute jealousy, create an irresistibly heart-fluttering devotion with a charming gap that’s impossible to resist!

(Source: Drama-Otaku)

Adapted from the manga series "Kahogona Wakadanna-sama no Amayakashi Kon" (過保護な若旦那様の甘やかし婚) by Kodachi (こだち).

Episodes: 6

Aired On: Thursday

Original Network: MBS; TVK;

Director: Miki Koichiro [三木康一郎] and Kuwajima Kenji [桑島憲司]

Country: Japanese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Childhood; life; Manga; Miniseries; Romance;

Airs: May 23, 2024

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