Kabuka Boraku

Kabuka Boraku


Based on the novel Kabuka Boraku by Ikeido Jun. Bando Hiroshi works as a credit officer for a large bank. At the bank, opinions are divided over whether an additional loan to a giant supermarket chain should be approved. Hiroshi opposes the loan due to the supermarket's non-existent efforts to restructure. Meanwhile, Vice President of Planning Department, Ninohe Tetsuya, insists on approving the loan. He believes if the supermarket goes bankrupt than it will effect the bank itself. Also, Tetsuya has a strong dislike of Hiroshi. Tetsuya then devises a scheme that will get Hiroshi in trouble. At this time, a store of the giant supermarket chain is blown up. A message from the perpetrator arrives. The bomber demands the resignation of the supermarket CEO, Kazama Kozo. The CEO runs the supermarket in a dictatorial management style. If the demand the bomber's demand is not met, the bomber will carry out more explosions. The supermarket tries to coverup the bomber's demand as they fear the collapse of their company stock. Hiroshi though insists fiercely that the bomber's message should go public. Detective Yaen Hiromitsu begins to suspect a young man named Inunaki Ko Inunaki as the bomber. Inunaki Ko was at the scene of the crime.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Crime;

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