K O  3an Guo

K O 3an Guo


(Season One) After getting kicked out from their 24th school for starting fights and couldn't find another school that would accept them, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei thought it's a God send that Liu Bei proposed to be their sworn brothers so they could enroll into the prestigious Dong Han Shu Yuan, a school exclusively for royalty, on the condition that they pay for his tuition. Though they enrolled, it didn't mean they attended the class in peace because they must survive the school's death traps and hostile invasion from warring schools. (Season Two) Wu Hu Jiang's bond gets tested when Guan Yu is forced to honor his agreement with Dong Zhuo. Huang Zhong reunites with his mother but were forced to separate because she is a member of the Huang Jin High School. Guan Yu and Lu Bu becomes demonized when they both learn Hao Cha Jing to neutralize the effects of Zhen Cha Jing. Lu Bu takes the path of evil and stands in opposition with Dong Zhuo and Wu Hu Jiang. Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao resolve their misunderstandings and finally reconcile. The love relationship between Xiu and Sun Shang Xiang gets tested when the real Liu Bei returns. (Season Three) Principal Wang is finally back to Dong Han Academy, only to get killed by Dong Zhuo later. Xiu/Liu Bei's identity is at greater risk than ever. The Silver Dimension's timeline gradually catches up to the Three Kingdoms' history. Dong Zhuo takes control over the imperial court and wreaks havoc everywhere, prompting everyone to war against him. With the assistance of Zuo Ci, Wu Hu Jiang finally defeat Dong Zhuo and reclaim the Nationwide School Union from his hands. Although Dong Zhuo is gone, a new age begins, and new problems emerge. Yuan Shao takes the landmark of Dong Han Academy in his own hands, forcing the Wu Hu Jiang, Xiu/Liu Bei and Cao Cao to find the one man who can save it: Zhuge Liang - the famous strategist. However, he turns out to be a regular person and eventually, Yuan Shao is able to claim Dong Han Academy's landmark into his own. With four members of Wu Hu Jiang gone and everyone forced to retreat to Jiang Dong, Cao Cao's power is weaker than ever. With old enemies gone and new characters come into the picture, a new battle will soon begin.

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2009

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; School; Wuxia;

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