Inbound Troubles

Inbound Troubles


Aiming to become the best tour guide in the industry, Ng Ka-yee (Roger Kwok) sets up a travel agency with his girlfriend Szema Shuk-ching (Angela Tong) but he goes bankrupt and owes a huge debt after being cheated by others. Ka-yee wishes to pass the last few months of bankruptcy peacefully and start a new chapter with Shuk-ching after marriage. However, Shuk-ching falls in love with his best friend Ching Siu-shan (Bob) and Ka-yee is devastated. During the time, Ka-yee runs into the newly immigrated social worker Yik Suet-fei (Joey Meng), his Dongguan cousin Choi Sum (Wong Cho-lam) who dreams to be a singer in Hong Kong and the old singer Monrole (Mimi Chu) who is looking for free meals everywhere. In addition, his younger sister Ng Chi-ching (Ivana Wong) also returns to Hong Kong by lying to him that she has completed her master's degree in Taiwan already. Different culture and lifestyles between Hong Kong and mainland China create family farce every day. Used to be a coward with low self-esteem for all his life, Ka-yee suddenly wakes up and discovers his ultimate dream… [1

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Comedy; Drama;

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