In Family We Trust

In Family We Trust

Other name: เลือดข้นคนจาง Blood Isn't Always Thicker Than Water Leaut Kon Khon Jaang Luead Khon Kon Jang


It’s a drama about conflicts in a big family, involving murder and a police investigation. The title is a twist on the idiom, blood is thicker than water. Because of the conflicts, their family bonds aren’t strong.

When one relative mysteriously dies, the true colors of everyone in the family are about to be revealed. Yi, the eldest brother and Pete, the second brother, try to find out the truth. Patsorn and Cris, their mother, are the biggest suspects. Both of them need to prove their innocence. But the more Yi and Pete investigate, the more dirt they find on the family and everyone becomes a suspect.

Director: Yong Songyos Sugmakanan [ทรงยศ สุขมากอนันต์]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Drama; Family; Investigation; Murder; Mystery;

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