Love The Way You Are (2022)

Love The Way You Are (2022)

Other name: 爱情应该有的样子 愛情應該有的樣子 喜欢你,没关系 喜歡你, 沒關係 漂亮姐姐 Ai Qing Ying Gai You De Yang Zi Xi Huan Ni, Mei Guan Xi I Like You, It's Okay The Look of Love What Love Should Look Like The Way Love Should Be


The sweet love story of Yin Yi Ke and her childhood partner Xu Guang Xi.

Seemingly having a perfect life, Yin Yi Ke has lived her 35-year-old life as a matter of course. Whether in the company or at home, she is thoughtful all around. Like a never-tired Wonder Woman, she takes care of everyone around her except herself. Everything changes, when she meets Xu Guang Xi, the young man who used to often visit her place for meals during their youth. Returning from his studies abroad, Xu Guang Xi, the boy who used to just feel a sense of dependence on Yi Ke, is now attracted to her. But chasing Yi Ke is nothing short of a difficult feat. It entails a fast-moving life and ultra-realistic pressure.

For love, Guang Xi tries to become more mature and adjusts his footsteps, taking firm steps toward Yi Ke. The two throbbing hearts who have experienced countless challenges and choices, start getting closer little by little. Understanding that the best love is not to sacrifice each other, they attract and respect each other so that can both become better people.

Original Network: Tencent Video; iQiyi;

Director: Yu Zhong Zhong [于中中]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Romance;

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