Hi-Fly (2004)

Hi-Fly (2004)

Other name: 升空高飞 升空高飛 Sheng Kong Gao Fei Высокий полет รักเล่นระดับ


Tina wishes to be a pilot in the future, her father used to be a good pilot but he's dead in an air plane accident. Beside, Tina's mother always finds the way to prevent her from the "sky dream". Finally with the talent, intelligence and resolution, Tina completely conquered the judges by an absolute point. She becomes a first female pilot of International Taiwan Airline. Joseph is a talented and handsome guy, he is an excellent pilot of the International Taiwan Airline as well who makes many stewardess fall in love with him. Everyone always misunderstand that he is an amorous, ungrateful person in love but the appearance of Tina which makes his heart is stirred and become "a great lover". A considerate Joseph and a straight, naive Tina. Their relationship is supported because of "the suitable alliance" but it seems the destiny has arranged Christine and a car accident which interferes between them. In order to let them try their best to pass the challenge and side by side fly to ...

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2004

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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