High Cookie (2023)

High Cookie (2023)

Other name: 하이쿠키 하이 쿠키 Haikuki Hai Kuki Hi Cookie Привет, печенька


A teen fantasy thriller drama that tells the story of people attempting to get out of the quicksand caused by a dangerous and harmful cookie that makes their wishes into reality with just one bite.

After losing her parents in an unfortunate accident, Choi Soo Young has to take care of her three years younger sister. When she became 18 years old, she become the breadwinner of her family. She gave up on high school and began working at a factory, taking up several odd part-time jobs to provide for herself and her younger sister. However, one day her sister gets into trouble cause by a homemade cookie, and she risks everything to protect her.

Seo Ho Su is a 3rd year student at Junghan High School, the best private school in South Korea. His mother is battling cancer, while his father disappeared a long time ago. Despite his personal problems, he tries to focus only on his studies, but often becomes a victim of his rich classmates whom think of him as a pushover who is at their disposal.

Yoo Seong Pil is a mysterious underground college admissions consultant. He uses any means necessary, even illegal, to help his students enter the university they wish for. Although nobody asked him to, he goes to Junghan High School to take a consultant position for the entire 3rd grade class, and he slowly starts to reveal his true intentions after entering the said school...

(Source: Korean = Namu.Wiki)

Episodes: 20

Original Network: KBS2;

Director: Song Min Yeob [송민엽]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Fantasy; Mystery; School; Thriller; Youth;

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