Here Comes the Bride, My Mom! (2010)

Here Comes the Bride, My Mom! (2010)

Other name: オカンの嫁入り オカンのよめいり 媽媽的出嫁 Okan no Yomeiri


45-year-old nurse and mother Yoko lives with her only daughter Tsukiko. The duo has a tight relationship that resembles more best friends rather than mother & daughter. Tsukiko's father passed away before she was born & since that time Yoko has always stated Tsukiko's father would be the first and last man she will marry.

One evening, Yoko, who is drunk, brings home 30 year old Kenji Hattori and they both sleep outside on the porch. The next morning, Tsukiko becomes confused by the situation and becomes even confused when her mother announces that she will marry the much younger Kenji Hattori.

Director: O Mipo [呉美保]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Drama; Family;

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