Heavenly In Laws

Heavenly In Laws


The Fairy of Flowers TSZ MEI (CHUNG, LINDA) sneaks into the mortal world to have a taste of love. There the innocent MEI meets a sophisticated conman named TING SUN (LEUNG WING CHUNG). Given the undesirable consequences that may ensure, MEI's mother LO FA (SIT KA YIN,NANCY), also known as the Master of the Palace of Flowers, hurries down to earth to stop her daughter from falling in love with a human. Beliving that there is no future in a fairy-human relationship, FA decides to separate MEI from SUN by magic but ends up unwittingly turning the pair into a maried couple. In the meantime, CHENG SHAU-YIP (CHAN SHAN CHUNG), an upper-class dandy who is obsessed with MEI, manages to steal FA's most powerful magic tool, with which his soul is accidentally swapped with SUN's. The time limit for soul excchange is about to run out. SUN will perish forever if he fails to get back to his body within the time allowed. What is even worse is that FA, MEI, Fairy TOK SHUI (YUEN WAH) and God YEE LONG (LEE KWOK LUN) have been misled by the fake SUN and the Fairies have all geared themselves up to kill "SHAU-YIP". The real SUN is now on the verge of death……

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: Action; Comedy; Fantasy; Historical; Romance;

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