Heartbeat Love (2021)

Heartbeat Love (2021)

Other name: 心跳恋爱 心跳恋爱社 Xin Tiao Lian Ai Heartbeat Love Society Heart-Beating Group


It mainly tells the story about Bai Su Ji, a hard-working girl who is about to move to Xinghua University. After encountering rich and popular An Yu Feng in a plane, she misunderstood him as a thief and tricked An Yu Feng into taking away the bracelet that he regarded as a treasure. After entering the school, Su Ji discovered that because of the scarcity of boys in Xinghua University, even the ugliest boys were sought after by thousands of girls. Because of that, Bai Su ji decided to set up 'Little White Heart-Beating Club' to change the status quo. When her club was already famous, she discovered that her enemy, An Yu Feng was also an exchange student coming to Xinghua to study! Then, An Yu Feng immediately established the 'Yu Feng Heartbeat Club' because he doesn't want to lose to Su Ji. According to school regulations, both club must complete the task of matching 50 pairs of lovers within 100 days, otherwise the club will be cancelled after the 100 days period. However, Su Ji and An Yu Feng are busy quarreling each other, which results in the slow process of the lovers matching. Unable to do anything, Yu Feng actually proposed Su Ji to date for a week. As a result, the two enemies on the battlefield of love launched the strongest "heartbeat love bet" in history at Xinghua University!

Adapted from the novel "Xin Tiao Lian Ai She" (心跳恋爱社) by Guo Ni (郭妮).

Original Network: Youku;

Director: An Dong [安冬]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Comedy; Romance; School; Web Series; Youth;

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