Happy Photo Studio (2017)

Happy Photo Studio (2017)

Other name: Xing Fu Zhao Xiang Guan, 幸福照相馆


A story revolving the laughters and tears of an ordinary family that lives in a buoyant town inside a small city. Su Wan Liang is the manager of a photography shop. His wife passed away early, leaving him with their three children. One day, the second daughter Chun Yan brings an unknown woman back home. She is Hu Mei Feng and she has come looking for the father of her child. After spending much time together, Su Wan Liang falls for Hu Meifeng and asks her to stay despite the objections of everyone around them and the judgement of the townspeople. Hu Mei Feng may have disrupted the cordial family dynamic, yet Su Wan Liang and Hu Mei Feng are persistent in proving their love.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Family; Romance;

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