Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday


It's a long heard story that the first woman Eve are made of a rib of the first man Adam so that the matches of ribs and Adams are going on and on for centuries outside Eden on earth. Happiness is almost guaranteed if finding the right rib; and the hell of encounters and breakups would keep haunting over if wrong matches are made. People come and go. Some do stay for a while but will leave anyway in the end, except the one and only individual.However, will happiness finally arrive if you are lucky enough to meet your right rib or Adam? Take Xiao Mi and Xiao Nan in the movie Happy Birthday as an example. We're not suppose to blame Xiao Mi for missing her really Mr. Right. She did nothing wrong. She was just not sure, like you, like me, like everyone of the world. True love requires trust, but what if trust turns out to be a mistake. It's an eternal regret that Xiao Mi lost Xiao Nan forever. She'd better be with him in all his limited journey of life and as confident as Xiao Nan that she's the rib of his. But…but…but what if he's wrong? What if they spent some time together and then quarrels came and ended up in a permanent breakup? The king in Cinderella story said when true love came, you'd know it immediately even when you touched her hand for the very first time. Nothing stops true love. Things always come this way in fairy tales. How excellent the life will be if reality comes also this way.It is not difficult to find a pair of arms for temporary consolation. But it is extremely a tough job to find a warm hand, leading you to his or her heart and making you stay there for now and for good. Uncertainty keeps entangling and torturing Only one thing is affirmed. That is when the rib breaks, you do hurt.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: Romance;

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