Half Bright and Half Rain (2019)

Half Bright and Half Rain (2019)

Other name: 半城明媚半城雨 妖怪们的妖怪店 Yao Guai Men De Yao Guai Dian Ban Cheng Ming Mei Ban Cheng Yu Monsters Shop


When a newspaper intern meets a craftsman, she unintentionally discovers a world full of bizarre oddities. One thousand years in the past, humans, spirits, and demons lived under the same blue sky.

Qian Xun is a newspaper intern who returns to her hometown after graduating from college. By chance, she encounters the mysterious Su Mingmou, a craftsman, and Jun Wanglian, a jade spirit. The extraordinary events that follow awaken a memory from her past, a memory that she did not know existed.

In this story, every blade of grass, every tree, every drop of sand and every rock has been infused with love under the careful attention of an extraordinary craftsman. They come to life as spirits that embody their master's life's work. They are kind, helpful to humans and continue to live through objects even after their master's death while those that harbor evil intentions evolve into demons.

Adapted from the novel Monsters' Monster Shop by Shen Muchan.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Demon; Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Monster; Resurrection; Romance; Suspense; Web Series;

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