Grow Up

Grow Up


Jen China is the largest three hospitals River City, a small town girl Ye Chunmeng (Baihe Bai) to score into the Chinese practice benevolence, dreaming of her mettle they met with "poison tongue mentor" Zhou Ming (Lu Yi) test and inhuman training. Bottom out brutal rule, the ubiquitous competition, not only challenging the rookie interns always physical, mental and willpower, but also a test of their friendship, love, and dreams of dedication. Ye Chunmeng stronger and quite hard interns talent, even the devil instructor Zhou Ming are secretly discouraged her, but ??? town has long been plagued by poor families from low self-esteem, and in life experience superior intern Chen Xi (river Sparse), between Bai Xiaojing (Zhang Zixuan), to obtain the strength of the recognition and hospitalized her only qualification was the target. To this end, in the face of superior Bai Xiaojing Chen Xi and sensitive personal life she had the face of decades of struggle to make her less temptation she wavered in the face and mentor Zhou Ming obstacles between love she hesitated. But eventually in the appeal next week, in the treatment of patients with combat, she again found themselves, find happiness and meaning of a career in medicine, but also awareness of the true meaning of happiness.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama; Youth;

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