Gods Of Honour

Gods Of Honour


The much awaited TVB production, Gods of Honour, receives a very high viewership rate when it was shown in 2001. This 40-episode drama is an adaptation of the classic novel Gods of Honour. Benny Chan leads the cast and delivers his splendid performance as the legendary figure Na-zha. Miss Chinese International Winner Michelle Yip makes her first appearance in a costume drama and pairs up with Benny Chan. Cast also features the funny Chin Ka Lok, the sexy Irene Wan, and the experienced Yuen Wah. Yuen King Dan makes a breakthrough by taking up the role of Na-zha's mother, very much different from other comedian roles she used to play. She successfully touches the hearts of many and is crowned one of "My Favorite TV Character” of 2001. The story is set in the ancient Shang Dynasty. As revenge to the emperor's insult, a powerful goddess sends fox spirit Tan Ji (Irene Wan) to enchant this emperor, so as to ruin his kingdom. Na-zha (Benny Chan), one of the heavenly gods, gets killed by the famous warrior Li Jing (Yuen Wah) but ironically reincarnates as Li Jing's third son. Li Jing is never in good terms with this son of his and even sends Na-zha away. Na-zha befriends the three-eyed Yang Jian (Chin Ka Lok) and they joined forces to overthrow the corrupt Shang Dynasty. On the battlefield Na-zha meets his father Li Jing, a general of the Shang Dynasty, and is compelled to make a difficult choice between justice and filial piety...

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2001

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Historical;

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