Glass no le

Glass no le


Igawa portrays a woman named Tamaki Rei who lost both of her parents in an aircraft accident in France when she was a child. Halfway into her thirties, Rei decides to travel to France to visit the crash site of said accident for the first time. In France, Rei meets Shibusawa Kazunari, (Fujimoto Takahiro), the director of the budget bureau of the Ministry of Finance, and immediately falls in love with him. Kazunari lost his wife in the same accident and has two sons, who are both already adults by now. The oldest son (Saito Takumi) is follows in his father's footsteps and works at the Ministry of Finance as well. The younger one (Nagayama Kento) just graduated from law school and currently without a job. Rei gets married to Kazunari and starts to live together with him and his two sons. She really puts a lot of effort into adapting herself to the family of three adult men, but her beauty and young age soon bring discord into the Shibusawa family. The older son begins to feel attracted to her and Rei eventually returns his feelings, because she realizes that her feelings for Kazunari are only grounded in his resemblance to her late father. Meanwhile, Kazunari develops a morbid jealousy because of his son's feelings toward Rei. ~ Cinema Today

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Romance; melodrama;

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