Gifted (2015)

Gifted (2015)

Other name: 살인재능 Salinjaeneung


Min Soo unsuccessfully searches for a new job after he is laid off. He keeps this a secret from his fiancé who has plans to take over a café with Min Soo’s money. But when she eventually finds out, she wastes no time showing she has no tolerance for a boyfriend with no job and no money. Pushed to the wall, his girlfriend’s younger brother tips him on how to get his hands on some easy money, and Min Soo, who has a way with opening car doors, starts stealing cars. During a substitute driver job, he discovers he has a talent for murder after killing someone in a fit of anger. Min Soo gradually becomes addicted to the pleasure of murder and crime.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Crime; Mature; Thriller;

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