Furenaba Ochin

Furenaba Ochin


Natsu Kamijo (Kyoko Hasegawa) lives in company housing. One morning, she hears a rumor from the other housewives. The rumor is that Rie Komaki (Naho Toda), who is friends with Natsu, has left her husband and son for her boyfriend. Natsu believes that family is more important than anything else, finds the rumor difficult to believe. Natsu receives a phone call from Rie Komaki. Rie tells Natsu that she now feels faithful as a woman and her tone is very bright. Ryu Saeki (Ryo Narita) is a young man that moves in downstairs from Natsu. Ryu works in the same department as Natsu’s husband Yoshiyuki (Shingo Tsurumi). Natsu develops feelings for Ryu.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama;

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