Fun Fueng (2014)

Fun Fueng (2014)

Other name: ฝันเฟื่อง , Dream About The Impossible , Fantasizing About The Impossible , Fhun Fueng


Athit, a driver, pretends to be his boss Rattawee and Wilailuck, a servant, pretends to be a high-class woman by stealing her mistress dresses. Athit and Wilailuck go on a date and fall in love not knowing that the other is lying about who they are. When their bosses find out, they demand both servants tell each other the truth, but they continue to lie. When Rattawee meets Montira, Wilailuck's mistress, he immediately falls for her and tells Athit to continue lying. Rattawee and Montira spend time together and start to fall in love.

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Comedy; Friendship; Romance;

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