Falling In Love

Falling In Love


The remake of Mediacorp's 2005 drama Zheng Furong is a chef in a Chinese restaurant. Because his wife passed away early, he has taken on the roles of both parents to raise his three precious daughters.Furong's three princesses differ very much in character. The eldest, Zishan is blessed with both looks and talent. She is a capable young lady working as creative director for an advertising firm. Zishan believes that love is secondary. On top of that, she is one who knows how to enjoy life, and thus is not on the lookout for a life partner. Zishan has an archenemy in the company, Herman.They are at loggerheads with each other and are always fighting over work. Outside of work, they constantly clash as well because of differences in character. Zishan keeps up an elegant and ladylike grace at all times, except when she runs into Herman and loses her cool.Second daughter, Zihui is an entertainment producer with a broadcasting station. She is sensitive and kind, and has her own unique viewpoints. It is a pity she is rather tomboyish and unladylike in her appearance. She does not know how to dress up and has average looks. Thus, she has never gone far in the relationship and love department.After some time, Zihui gets to know the man of her dreams, Wang Lizhe, a successful jewellery businessman. The gentlemanly Lizhe treats her with respect, but Zihui mistakes it as an expression of love and concern for her as a girlfriend. When Zihui discovers that she was just imagining things, she is heartbroken. Tom, who used to crack jokes about Zihui's appearance, begins to appreciate her after many ups and downs, and starts to fall in love with her...The youngest daughter, Zisi, is a pretty babe who has just graduated from university. Pampered by her father and sisters since she was young, she has grown into a beautiful young lady who is always surrounded by men trying to please her. Because she has been spoilt by her family, she is undeniably stubborn and willful.Later on, Zisi falls for jewellery businessman, Wang Lizhe who reciprocates her feelings.Will the three sisters in the Zheng family find true love?  

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: drama;

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