Edge of Innocence (2017)

Edge of Innocence (2017)

Other name: 夏天十九岁的肖像 Summer Portrait of a nineteen year old Xia Tian Shi Jiu Sui De Xiao Xiang 夏天 19歲的肖像 十九岁的肖像


Kang Qiao accidentally falls in love with a mysterious girl, surrounded by suspicion, entering a dangerous love. However, there is also a pair of eyes watching his every move. Will they be able to guard their love to the end, or surrender to reality?

An adaptation of the mystery novel " Natsu, Jukyusai no Shozo" written by Shimada Soji.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Drama; Mystery; Romance; Suspense;

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