I Don’t Fire Myself (2021)

I Don’t Fire Myself (2021)

Other name: 파견 나는 나를 해고하지 않는다 我不解雇自己 Naneun Nareul Haegohaji Anneunda Pagyeon Naneun Naleul Haegohaji Anhneunda Dispatch Dispatch: I Do Not Fire Myself Dispatch I Don’t Fire Myself


Jeong Eun works as a technical administrator at a company with severe discrimination against women. Not only she is waiting to be assigned, but also she is dispatched to work with a subcontractor. Despite the blatant pressure to resign, Jeong Eun plans to hold out and return to the head office. However, the conditions working for the subcontractor, working on large transmission towers, are also challenging. No matter how tough Jeong Eun is, it is not easy to overcome dual discrimination. She has confronted discrimination with assertive attitude, but she could not easily adapt to the new subcontractor environment. The reason she goes to work drunk or claims to be ‘dispatched from the head office’ and not a subcontractor worker is because she wants to protect her vested rights as a ‘prime contractor.’ However, she changes as she learns the work out of pride and establishes human bonds with her coworkers. Then those who considered Jeong Eun as an annoyance start accepting her. The film smoothly captures the process of finding the identity of Jeong Eun as a woman and as a subcontractor worker.

Director: Lee Tae Kyeom [이태겸]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama;

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