Devil Beside You

Devil Beside You


Qi Yue played by Rainie Yang is ready to give her love letter to the captain of the basketball team- Shang Yuan Yi(Kingone Wang). However, it ends up in the hands of the devil of the school- Ah Meng played by Mike He. He threatens Qi Yue and demands that he do whatever he asks of her. She agrees because she does not want the love letter to be seen by everyone in the school. She ends up being frustrated with the way Ah Meng bullies her and ends up confessing her love to Yuan Yi. To her surprise, he likes her back. Qi Yue thought that it would be the end of the devil however she finds out that her mom is going to re-marry the principal of her school who is also the father of Ah Meng. She ends up spending a lot of time with Ah Meng and eventually they start liking each other. While this goes on their parents do not know that they are dating but Qi Yue’s mom has some suspicions. What will happen to Ah Meng’s relationship with Qi Yue since their parents are dating one another? Will one couple end up breaking up with the other or will they all date and not care about what other people think about their relationship?

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2005

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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