Deadball (2011)

Deadball (2011)

Other name: デッドボール Deddoboru


young man, Jubeh Yakyu, swears off baseball after his literally blazing fastball offs his old man. Later, as a young adult with the fashion sense of a biker and a Sergio Leone western, he is arrested for a 2 week spree of 54 crimes ("inluding dropping televisions on people"wink.gif. With a promise of freedom, the governor sends him to "Pteradactyl Hall", a juvenile detention center run by a headmistress called Ishihara who has a thing for the Nazi period in her dress and manner. She is also the chairperson for a baseball tournament called "Juvie League". The governor suspects she's up to something and he wants Jubeh to find out what.

Director: Yamaguchi Yudai [山口 雄大]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2011

Genre: Action; Comedy; Horror;

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