Weaving a Tale of Love (2021)

Weaving a Tale of Love (2021)

Other name: 大唐明月 风起霓裳 Da Tang Ming Yue Feng Qi Ni Chang


In the reign of Emperor Taizong (627—649), which was called the Prosperity of Zhenguan, former clothing maker An is framed and imprisoned. When she was in danger, she entrusts her young daughter Liu Li to an old friend in the palace.

Liu Li grows up in the palace and becomes a medical officer, responsible for epidemic prevention. She also inherits her mother’s superb talent for making clothes. After falling into a trap by those jealous of her, she meets Pei Xing Jian, who was exceptionally capable and helps her escape the danger. Liu Li keeps investigating the truth of her mother’s case and, the two work together and secretly fall in love.

Director: Chan Ka Lam [陈家霖] and He Zhen Hua [何振华]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Amnesia; Historical; Revenge; Romance;

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