Caroling Christmas no Kiseki

Caroling Christmas no Kiseki


Around the time the atmosphere in the world is filled with cheer in preparation for Christmas, there are people completely detached from the gaiety with which Christmas Eve is eagerly anticipated. Some 20 days to Christmas, Daiwa Shunsuke and Orihara Shuko, a former couple who work at a children’s apparel company, learns that it will cease business at Christmas. With even its adjoining after-school care centre being shut down, Shuko decides to return to Niigata. Tadokoro Kohei, an elementary school boy who goes to the centre, is distressed by his parents. They are close to divorce and he wants to do something. He asks with Shuko to go with him to the Yokohama osteopathic clinic where his father works, but encounters debt-collecting gangsters over there. These gangsters are kindhearted small-timers who have descended into the underworld business although not by choice. The three groups seek love, get betrayed and have troubles. Even so, they struggle hard in their attempt to take a step out. Will the former couple be able to convey the love they have for each other? Can the boy prevent the divorce of his parents and protect his family? Will the small-time gangsters be able to hold on to love and tread the respectable path? These three groups somehow get entangled in this story with laughter and tears. Will Christmas miracles happen?

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama;

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