Campus Basketball Situation

Campus Basketball Situation

Other name: Campus Basketball, 校园篮球风云


"Campus Basketball," tells the high school students Yan Yufeng, Xiang Jie and Gao who love basketball. The original Big Three, from the school team to the high school league championship, watched them put the basketball and its passion and blood and algebra, geometric problems, English words into the mind. Concentrate all feelings in a high-five, all the blood, all expectations, all the love of basketball, and all the pursuit, persistence or abandonment of dreams. There have been contradictions, setbacks, failures, and finally harvested friendships and growth. In retrospect, only tears burst into tears. Basketball is not a tool to play handsome, basketball is an attitude! If you really like basketball, no matter how high or low, talent, please stick to it.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 0

Genre: Sports;

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