Bussaba Lui Fai (2023)

Bussaba Lui Fai (2023)

Other name: บุษบาลุยไฟ Busaba Walks Through the Fire


During 1830 - 1831, Lumjuan who is a clever girl has learned poetry from Sunthorn Phu and writes beautiful poetry. In addition to that, she also has to study hard and help her father with his theatre. In that era, education is given at the temple and only boys are given the opportunity to obtain it.

Meanwhile, all of her other sisters are more focused on cultivating their dancing and singing in order to behave more like a lady and score a good husband.

One day, Lumjuan meets Hun, a Chinese man at Suwannawaram temple. He wants to study painting with Thongyu but has always been bullied by the other students.

Kongpae who was considered to be Thongyu's rival, decide to take Lamjuan as his student. Lumjuan also attempts to teach Hun the Thai language, but because of a misunderstanding on her brother's part, her brother ended up breaking Hun's arm and caging Lamjuan as punishment.

As a time passed, Lumjuan has been grown up to be a beautiful woman. She has also obtained a suitor, the powerful officer Intra. However, Intra is a fowl man as he has many mistresses. One of which is also, Nuan, Lumjuan's sister. Knowing Intra's personality, Lamjuan dislikes him thoroughly and has absolutely no intention of living a life of this manner.

Lamjuan intends to have a reunion with Hun at the temple, but just before she can, a bomb explosion ruins everything. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lamjuan seeks help from her poet friend Phum as well as using a dead woman's body, and makes her family believe that she is dead. In the meantime, she cross-dresses as a man and calls herself Chaek.

Sunthorn Phu invites Phum to a poetry party for Chrao Fah Isaresrungsan. Over there, he meets Chaek and grows to like him, inviting him to Kongpae's house. This is where Chaek and Hun reunite and their feelings for each other grow deeper.

During the Loykratong festival, Phum introduces Lunjuan/Chaek as a new poet. In order to showcase her abilities, Lunjuan sings a verse to the public. Intra is able to recognise her verse and her voice, and his plan of capturing her for his own self renews.

How do Lumjuan and Hun end up? Will their love win after walking through the fire?

Director: Khruchang Chonprakhan Janthereuang [ครูช่าง ชนประคัลภ์ จันทน์เรือง]

Country: Thailand

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Historical;

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