Bullet and Brain

Bullet and Brain


The godfather Principal in the black run is killed by his heeler A Yi who is brought up by himself. His step wife Xiao Sao is then taken by A Yi. Only after receiving the card representing the position of the boss left by the principal, can A Yi become the perfectly justifiable boss of the sinister gang and collect money through the opening of the gambling city with the south ocean big shot Zhong Fuguo. The crucial card is passed down to his spoiled granddaughter Xiao Yu by the Principal at his last breath. Therefore, Xiao Yu is chased by A Yi. Fortunately, two old friends of the principal: the dead shot and the resourceful man return to protect her in revenge for the principal as the fulfillment to their promises made years ago to the principal. Meanwhile, the police sends young cop Ciao Fei to protect Xiao Yu who has lack of experience in this field. Then there are fights of wits and courage arising among the sinister gangs and with the head of A Yi, the two superiors of dead shot and resourceful man as well as the policemen focusing on XiaoYu and the card. Whereas the mysterious appearance of the son of a south ocean big shot Zhong Shengyi makes the battle of goodness and badness experiencing strange thoughts as well as a weird and an unpredictable end

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: Action; Drama; Crime;

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