Breath of Destiny (2021)

Breath of Destiny (2021)

Other name: 一起深呼吸 白色生死線 Yi Qi Shen Hu Xi Bai Se Sheng Si Xian Yat Hei Sam Fu Kap Take a Deep Breath Together


In an isolated island full of the unknown, a team of Chinese doctors provides medical aid overseas in extreme environments.

A Chinese medical team comes to an island in the South Pacific Ocean on a mission to save lives. Alas, they are hit by a natural disaster upon landing and find themselves in a race against time. However, they never expected that their rescue efforts will be hindered by a huge conspiracy that has yet to be uncovered.

Director: Zeng Li Zhen [曾丽珍]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Conspiracy; Medical; Romance; Suspense;

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