Bad Social (2023)

Bad Social (2023)

Other name: เกมล่าตาย เกม ล่า ตาย


In the world of social media, games are one of the things that people like to participate in - for entertainment and more.

Mesh is a young man who lives with his sister. Everyday, he uses his skills and brains in every way possible to keep him and his sister alive. But when his sister falls ill, he has to make money quick and decides to join forces with his friends Pete and Priah and earn rewards in the world of online games. But after finding success, his enthusiasm turns to greed and starts to damage his relationships. Mesh will have to overcome his own greed and find peace with his conscious. Otherwise, he might lose his only sister forever.

Country: Thailand

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Action; Drama;

Airs: Nov 30, -0001

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