Love at First Note

Love at First Note


Kristy (Kary Ng) is a young girl who works at a used record store. She has a very good friend, Kei (Justin Lo). They have been friends since they were very young. One day, a young man, Tony (Alex Fong) comes into the store and Kristy develops a crush on him. She seeks help and advice from Kei. Kei is a song writer. He helps the lead singer of Silver Misquitoes write songs. One day, Kristy goes with Kei to the bar to deliver a song and the lead singer Jack Ming starts to woo her. Kristy acted rudely in return, causing Jack to seek revenge for the embarassment. Tony wishes to be a member in Silver Misquitoes so Jack uses Tony against Kristy. Tony asks Kristy on a date to a part with his "band". Jack pays two girls, Philo (Theresa Fu) and Amy (Stephy Tang) to lead Kristy into an evil plan, embarassing Kristy. Later, everyone, except Jack, who was involved with this plan realized their wrong and apologized to Kristy. Kristy, Tony, Kei, and Kristy's boss Lobo (Tats Lau) form their own band to beat Jack in a talent competition. During the competition, they realized Jack stole their song. Kei then takes out a song "Kong" (An original song from Justin Lo's album No Protection) which he wrote for Kristy, his love. Who will she choose?!?

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Romance; Youth; Music;

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